Caribbean Queen Junkanoos is a Key West based Afro Caribbean Processional Band. 

We are available for weddings, parties, or a bar stroll designed just  for you. We also perform on stage, with African Dance and Tribal songs.  

Our parades have been a part of Key West's Goombay and Fantasy Fest,  Bahamian Heritage Festival, Piccolo Spoleto and local weddings and  business group events. 

For the most solemn occasion, we will lead a funeral procession with a  dirge to the cemetery, and an upbeat uplifting joyous sound after the  interment, to escort the group to the wake or back to their parking. The  band members dress all in white, the ceremonial African color for  mourning.

The performers with this band are: 

  • Founder and manager Caroline Cash: Nassau woman bells, Conch horn, whistle, Samba whistle, and djun djun bah and dancer 
  • Kabeisi (the Oba of Oyotunji) djembe
  • Jerry Cash: Nassau triple tongue double man bells, djembe, and djun djun bah
  • Carrie Grooms-Davis: Nassau woman bells and djun djun bah and dancer 
  • Efumlade Oyewale: djembe and djun djun bah
  • Babatunde Akinjeju: djembe and stilts and dancer 
  • Olufeme Olatoyo: djembe and dancer 
  • Cayman Smith-Martin: djembe and stilts
  • Arlo Haskell: stilts
  • Dwayne "Bongo D" Scott: djembe
  • Keith Ricks: djembe and stilts
  • Andre Harper: djun djun and dancer 
  • Trinidad Joe Allen: djembe
  • Evan Haskell: djembe
  • Brad Blas: stilts   
  • and various Brothers of the Royal Tribe from the African Village of Oyotunji near Sheldon, SC.